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So Sprout ran away.


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Artist -

Reincarnated earth pony
Very far fetched for me and i don’t see how “childish behavior” influences something such as wanting revenge on something like that by awaking an entire ancient evil. He almost died trying to arrest a unicorn but would summon some shadow king? Na.
As I explained the motives, there’s no way i can see that being even a consideration.
Artist -

Reincarnated earth pony
@Background Pony #1E62
That exceeds his intentions and fear level by a lot. He’s not really a “villain” for the sake of it as his actions are easily explainable and come from both a cause and with a clear goal in mind. None of it involved being “evil” just because or taking over everyone for being superior. It was all based on his dying urge to be seen as capable and worthy in the eyes of a society that deemed him a useless idiot his entire life long. His self worth for once actually rose when he noticed ponies were looking up to him and wanted him to do something. He vowed to defeat the enemy that was said to be the problem in their world, which would ultimately make him the hero and be the biggest act he could possibly do to prove himself worthy. Bringing sombra into this is just beyond.
Background Pony #1E62
If Sombra is actually in the upcoming series, then that explains it. Sprout must have found a way to bring him back as payback.
Artist -

Reincarnated earth pony
@Background Pony #0BC3
A turnip cutie mark doesn’t necessarily refer to farming. Look at the other cutie marks. Sunny has stars but is not in association with magic or astrology or anything alike at all, it’s more a subtle reference to “being magical”. Zipp has a lightning bolt but is more than likely not in association with weather, but rather with a “fierce, stormy, quick” personality etc. A turnip could mean many things. A simple relation to food as an example, or plants. Maybe even something more subtle and personality wise as for some others.
Background Pony #0BC3
What will become of him in the future??
  • Start his own farm as his cutie mark destinied him so.
  • Create lair
Background Pony #B0C8
Dead(will be off screen) or Alive
Crimes: Dictatorship, Destruction of Public and Private Property, illegal use of weapons and driving a robot without a license