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A Collage of The Final My Little Pony r/Place Sections
safe1923120 applejack184935 berry punch7035 berryshine7035 derpy hooves53329 discord34185 fluttershy233543 hitch trailblazer6484 izzy moonbow11289 octavia melody25657 pinkie pie234789 pipp petals9323 rainbow dash255127 rarity199529 starlight glimmer54120 sunny starscout10567 trixie73428 twilight sparkle327264 zipp storm7251 oc811788 oc:filly anon3221 draconequus16076 earth pony340180 pegasus384204 pony1270646 unicorn422159 equestria daily1301 g531502 april fools994 april fools 202296 berrytube32 collage1703 eye of horus54 female1557846 filly81122 heart58492 lightning3664 mane five (g5)2034 mane six34690 mare590052 moon27075 new lunar republic424 pixel art13075 pride flag2561 r/place69 rainbow dash salutes215 reddit914 sun7880 symbol465 the ride never ends308 unicorn crystal125


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Background Pony #2636
Hey neat, the compilation I put together!
I wish they had posted the newer version, this is missing the tiny Little Pip.
But then again, there’s probably other tiny ponies I missed, never going to get them all.
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TagZombie: AC15, Atk +8
Nice work compiling these.
Lots of people came into the MLP reddit mentioning how sad they were that we kept getting nuked by streamers and wanted to help. Lots of others who used to be bronies came back for the nostalgia of being part of the team. It was a lot of fun for everybody.
Background Pony #FF16
@Background Pony #B27C
The group who did the mane 11, were also the ones who did RD, Discord, Equestrian flag, Trixie, Octavia, Twilight and Glimmer. The rest are by differend groups, which we helped reinforce. We also had many non-pony allies
Background Pony #B27C
That many? Wow. I focused on the top right mane 11 cast picture and didn’t pay attention to the other teams.