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Fluttershy WG drive part 2
part 2 and oh my gosh thank you guys for your support so far it really does help so so sooo much.
i dont get it either dash, why isn’t it working?
Alt sources:
(By the way, I asked the artist about the “gold star = 1 pound” bit, and they only mentioned faves on DA and FA counting towards Flutter’s weight gain. Not faves here, so it’s not breaking Rule 6.)
suggestive170496 artist:magicghostslime21 fluttershy235966 rainbow dash257324 pegasus395941 pony1297995 series:fluttershy wg drive7 absurd resolution70738 belly35023 belly on floor439 big belly15775 blushing235103 butt171705 chubby cheeks4737 colored wings9486 confused5679 dialogue78740 duo107508 duo female18851 eyebrows14530 eyebrows visible through hair7500 fat25670 fattershy1299 female1581161 flabby chest541 huge belly6249 incentive drive328 injured3821 injured wing132 interrupted177 large butt24825 mare605154 morbidly obese9221 note expansion119 obese13461 open mouth193560 outdoors15652 plot111747 signature34277 sitting77178 speech bubble31071 squishy3151 weight gain5087 weight gain sequence1419 wings169517


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