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Cold Storm page 108

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explicit465159 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3392 fluttershy256111 spike91845 twilight sparkle354738 bird13551 pony1582687 unicorn529005 cold blooded twilight741 comic:cold storm158 g42007296 blushing268983 braided ponytail657 bush4518 colored eyelashes1315 comic134148 dialogue91099 dock70099 drool34095 eyes closed137086 fangs39257 female1781478 flower38706 flower in hair12305 glowing18410 glowing eyes15152 gritted teeth19117 leaking2254 lust380 mare728488 raised tail24686 rapeface1180 sharp teeth6215 smiling390024 speech bubble38153 sweat39837 tail95941 teeth21098 this will not end well2435 unicorn twilight32419 vaginal secretions52362 vaginal secretions trail2285


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Not so sure he’s actually “stopping” her. He’s a fraction of Twi in terms of size, weight and physical strength.
She has about as much muscle mass in one hind leg as lil Spikey has in his entire body.
So the result of his efforts is really up to the author.
But I agree, he is a total bro, always doing what he can when she looses control.
Background Pony #F7D9
It looks like Spike’s wrist things are activating! This probably isn’t this first time Twi’s gotten overeager, so they might be for a situation just like this.
Background Pony #0111
I’ve seen feral vampires with more self-restraint than her in this scene.