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Pony Arts & Prints!

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Price: 40$
Payment via Paypal.
Customer gets:
  • FHD mp4 video
  • 630px gif (both 24 and 12 fps)
  • 315px gif (both 24 and 12 fps)
  • Some still images
  • No watermarks
  • Body markings 2-5$/character
  • Different horn and/or wing type 3$/character
  • Chlothes and accessories 1-7$ depending on complexity!
  • Expression change 2$/character
  • Changing the toys (OC or canon) 1$/character
  • Custom background change: 10$
  • Adding pre made background: 0$
  • Different file types and sizes 5$/file
  • Full image sequence of FHD png files: +3$
  • Extra animation: should be discussed in messages.
View all of my open YCHs here: Open YCH - Rumista’s
Deviantart: Rumista
Toyhouse: Rumista
ych.commishes: Rumista
safe1948974 artist:rumista70 rainbow dash257409 twilight sparkle330339 oc824977 alicorn270285 bat pony62882 changeling57673 earth pony352048 pegasus396406 pony1299012 unicorn435454 animated111901 commission94579 female1582147 lesbian107734 now kiss414 oc x oc19753 shipper on deck1529 shipping227436 twidash5602 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137444 your character here15542


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