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safe1709061 artist:johnjoseco4440 edit132773 rarity182094 pony970133 unicorn324499 brown background771 coffee3881 cute200197 drinking3486 drinking straw744 female1365520 hot chocolate1243 mug4253 raribetes5414 simple background394336 solo1065976 steam1886 straw1973 wet8075 wet mane5184 wet mane rarity822


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Born 100,000 years ago
A friend of mine did this. When he burned his mouth, his reflex was to inhale. The straw was still in his mouth. Ouch.
Background Pony #61EC

Not a dupe. In this one her eyes are blue and in the other one her eyes are purple. If you'd actually paid attention you'd notice that.

Here's a fun experiment to try at home:
Heat a beverage and take a sip from the top of it, then dunk a straw and sip from the center part. Report back which sip is hotter.
Note: Conduct experiment at your own risk; I am not liable if you actually try this and burn your fucking tongue.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Come to think of it, why does that cut have such a small handle? Can't fit a hoof, and unicorn magic could simply pick up the whole cup.