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Hello everyone,
it is done. After many people suggested it and figured it would be great to see, a very generous and kind someone commissioned me to draw this counterpart to my last big drawing :COMM: Rise of the Empress, where we saw Daybreaker posing with her protective, strong Blazebolts. Now this commission for JohanBaggins is done and we see her evil, mighty sister Nightmare Moon ready to join the fight with her Shadowbolts, consisting of Thunderlane, Soarin, Surprise, Fleetfoot and a rebellious teenage Flurry Heart.
I love it, I freaking love this epic addition/counterpart to the previous drawing and honestly both of them mean a lot to me. This drawing took me very long and I tried to give it my best to match its predecessor’s quality and epicness. I wanted to implement the idea of putting these ponies in a galaxy/moon scene since Nightmare Moon (formerly Princess Luna) is the Princess of the Night. If you’d ask me, honestly it would be hard for me to decide whether this or Daybreaker’s drawing was my favourite. Just like before, this one stands for itself and was created with lots of effort, time and care. i find it very epic and I’m grateful that I got commissioned to do it.
Nightmare Moon is a huge and powerful threat. Would you rather obey her and fight for the night against her sister or would you be too afraid? Who do you think fits the best as a Shadowbolt?
I have to say the BIGGEST thank you to John baggins for this incredible support and for believing in me to create an art piece like this a 2nd time. You have no idea how much it means to me and how proud I am with the outcome of this drawing, so every bit of support and sharing is highly appreciated. Working with you was an absolute pleasure.
Time: 8+ Hours
safe1897414 artist:lupiarts687 fleetfoot2377 nightmare moon18205 princess flurry heart8318 princess luna106420 soarin'14818 surprise3209 thunderlane4460 alicorn260345 pegasus372949 pony1245046 2022362 alternate universe11191 armor26419 clothes532488 costume32919 dark4869 digital art23999 drawing5118 empress121 epic1427 evil3339 evil grin5211 feather7069 female1534546 flying44443 galaxy704 goggles15818 grin48900 group4783 illustration454 male434486 moon26583 night30778 shadowbolts1844 shadowbolts (nightmare moon's minions)84 shadowbolts costume1304 smiling308515 spread wings68785 teenage flurry heart86 teenager5679 wings157889


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