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Sunset lifter!! And Smolset!
Just two girls training hard giving it their all!
I had been working on this for a while, it took me a lot longer than expected because life hasn’t been great lately. But hopefully I can shake it off and keep going. Anyways, hope you all like it and enjoy!!
safe1879523 artist:nire201 sunset shimmer69426 pony1225422 unicorn401919 equestria girls223969 abs12873 adonis belt166 alternate hairstyle31530 ass60864 back muscles70 belly button89768 biceps1773 bipedal41203 breasts319164 bunset shimmer2117 busty sunset shimmer6390 butt142997 cleavage38707 clothes525560 dripping6403 exercise762 eyes closed110915 female1517282 funny4582 hairband1480 hamstrings34 human coloration5839 human ponidox3797 leggings2465 legs9905 lips1400 looking at you199349 looking back68097 looking back at you20024 midriff20791 muscles14468 muscular female2682 no pupils4762 pants17354 plushie26912 ponytail21188 quadriceps75 rear view15837 self paradox2061 self ponidox9071 sexy34742 shoes45351 shorts16122 simple background463675 smiling302679 smiling at you10451 sports bra4070 sports shorts1362 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1124 sunset lifter230 sweat30903 teddy bear1537 thighs18925 tight clothing2964 training397 weight lifting594 yoga pants1026


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Artist -

I like exercising/lifting too so it’s only natural I’d like to combine both things I love lol
Maybe if you find her at the gym someday you’ll get your wish granted :P

My two favorite things in the world: Sunset Shimmer, and lifting. It’s like a dream come true.
The only thing that would make it better is if I was her spotter.