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From the commissioner “bigonionbean”
FINALLY! After a long awaited hiatus and having this project placed on hold I now bring you the sequel to the now trilogy of oh so familiar gore fests that has made this channel largely well known. With both she and her sister having gotten word of the horrific accident/incident that befell Princess Twilight Sparkle, the royal sisters set out to fix the problem. Celestia seeking to comfort and council her student and fellow alicorn now turned dragoness giantess by a spirit emanating from the text of an old magical tome Twilight was attempting to read. All the while her younger and more intrigued sister appears to take a different path. Now curious as to where and what the source of such possession hails from, Princess Luna now seeks the answer to the dragon spirit riddle. Though she may not get what she expects.
Done by the amazing CandyClumsy
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safe2172682 artist:candyclumsy788 princess luna117123 twilight sparkle357451 alicorn313787 dragon85326 pony1600841 comic:luna's cronenberg50 g42027197 alicorn princess491 body horror1932 book43515 canterlot7147 canterlot castle2953 claws7271 comic135284 commissioner:bigonionbean2572 door5535 dragoness14156 dragonified2157 ethereal mane13456 ethereal tail2154 female1800952 head shake317 hooves25955 horn189669 jewelry112854 magic96536 mare739949 monochrome174794 pony to dragon114 regalia36375 shedding129 species swap26618 tail100363 thought bubble5262 transformation15575 transformation sequence2110 trotting1940 twilidragon327 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149013 wings222586 writer:bigonionbean2226


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