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Zipp’s favorite perch
A horse riding another Horse! the world has truly gone insane!

safe2207372 artist:sockiepuppetry228 hitch trailblazer14436 zipp storm17736 earth pony519219 pegasus511683 pony1637709 g579307 abstract background25119 chest fluff67944 dialogue96135 duo183008 featured image1239 female1840655 folded wings21551 hitch trailblazer is not amused177 male563711 mare765016 markings3405 meme95008 open mouth244957 open smile34259 ponies riding ponies2872 ponified animal photo1035 ponified meme2463 riding9425 smiling409827 speech bubble41300 stallion201589 standing26815 unamused24581 unshorn fetlocks49165 vine video94 wings232590


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Background Pony #4C09
Oh, for a moment I thought she was that beautiful red-white pony with so many glitter, that appeared out from the sheriff’s office (when sprout was in charge)
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That great feeling when you already faved and commented on an image before it gets featured
Anyways, Hitch still needs to let Zipp do her job.
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Snugs are Drugs for Bugs
@Rare bruh
Hard agree, good friends with Sockie and their work has inspired two stories from me already. They deserve all the love. I might have to point this out to them