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The perks of being grounded with a doting and nurturing coltfriend to care for you are getting quite… large.
Part two that’s been a long time coming for a sequence I started over a year ago. I’d say I’ve improved since then.
Part 1: >>2513546
Part 3: >>2832223
suggestive162163 artist:astrum121 rainbow dash251216 soarin'14749 pegasus364608 anthro295724 plantigrade anthro39530 series:taking care of dash3 bandage6360 bandaged wing189 barefoot31000 bbw4775 bedroom eyes67706 belly32893 belly button89767 big belly14319 big breasts97550 blushing224267 breasts319157 busty rainbow dash9237 cider2728 cleavage38706 clothes525539 curvy7766 dialogue74631 digital art23527 drinking4050 erect nipples13197 fat24612 fat fetish2136 feedee713 feeder550 feeding1434 feet45926 female1517208 female focus7572 fetish45714 food81115 hand on belly428 high res76272 holding3915 huge belly5328 hyper12612 hyper belly1218 impossibly large belly12090 injured3649 injured wing127 keg60 kneeling10277 large butt21968 lidded eyes35709 looking back68091 male428112 mug5043 muscles14471 muscular female2682 muscular male1028 nipple outline8909 onomatopoeia5669 open mouth179158 open smile10293 pampering34 panties54942 plate2133 rainblob dash947 rainbutt dash4502 sequence1248 sexy34751 shipping220111 shirt29704 sitting72988 smiling302664 soarindash5118 solo focus19769 stomach noise3763 straight151483 stuffed1839 stuffed belly303 stupid sexy rainbow dash3468 t-shirt5271 talking7587 tanktop8977 thighs18924 thinking2219 thunder thighs10772 tight clothing2964 tubby wubby pony waifu209 underwear67258 voluptudash94 wardrobe malfunction5590 wide eyes18212 wings153138


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Background Pony #40B7
also i was upset about the nfts thing and the name change for this site
again, im sorry for my first
(realized that the nft and name change are for april fools, they got me good)
Background Pony #40B7
i want toapologize for being disrespectful. i found this image through the wardrobe malfunction tag, but since im not logged in (password is too long to type on this device)
since im not logged in, the ‘fat fetish’ tag is not hidden
again, i apologize for being disrespectful :(
Background Pony #40B7
cant fucking stand images that make the characters intensely obese like this