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Sunny Starscout is right. :)
Base used by BomberChif
Made in Paint.NET
I no longer accept any requests, sorry.
safe1945631 artist:grapefruit-face295 sunny starscout11671 earth pony350498 pony1295388 g46544 g536472 bag7216 base used28738 bicep83 bipedal43086 braid7701 bras d'honneur2 dialogue78601 female1578986 feminism233 full body5931 g5 to g41011 generation leap7681 grin51555 hooves22292 looking at you212267 mare603766 rosie the riveter78 saddle bag7059 shadow5875 show accurate22931 signature34184 simple background490312 smiling323430 solo1245725 speech bubble30997 standing17515 tail62002 two toned mane3881 two toned tail1765 unshorn fetlocks34981 we can do it!33 yellow background2165


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Grapefruit Face
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Trixie Is Innocent
How interesting. Thanks for spreading knowledge to us. :)
That’s given me a headcanon; Since ponies can’t do the middle finger, I imagine they’d resort to this gesture instead.