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Fav #11 - Trixie the Great and Powerful
NOTE: Trixie is not using Unicorn magic to levitate. The pic is actually based on a real magic trick (which, I know how works).
I’m not entirely sure why Trixie is anywhere near my Top 20 Favs list of MLP characters. It’s probably a combination of pity for her attempt, knowing people like her, and peer pressure. Though she shines best interacting with Starlight, creating a unique and awesome duo that stands out (and is better IMO) than any of the Mane 6 together.
Note #2 - I couldn’t figure out how to include the “levitation” tag without having the “magic” tag implied.
safe1949208 artist:chopsticks665 trixie74063 pony1299417 unicorn435611 cape12659 cheek fluff7702 chest fluff52140 clothes551022 female1582334 hat106741 levitation14098 looking at you213019 magic trick661 rug805 smiling324446 smiling at you13334 smug7655 solo1248569 tail62663 tail stand57 telekinesis33570 trixie's cape4589 trixie's hat5473 unshorn fetlocks35107


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Background Pony #9917
Clearly Trixie channels reiatsu (translated as ‘horsepower’in the inferior English dub) through her butt chakra to activate Nine Bands Of Iron jutsu in her tail.