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Twilight Sparkle reacts poorly to losing her friends.

safe2187710 artist:gingermint83 artist:icekatze94 princess celestia113267 twilight sparkle359735 alicorn317167 pony1617174 g42043893 clothes640376 cyberpunk2752 dark magic3176 female1817551 fight7483 mare750857 shoes60138 sombra eyes4213 speech bubble40360 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150170 tyrant sparkle772


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Background Pony #B56F
You know, I heard tell of this website where all sorts of people are writing all these stories that aren’t canon. Can you believe the nerve of those guys?
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What’s far worse than someone making that implication is someone going “>implying alicorns are immortal” on near every damn image.
It doesn’t even matter whether they are or aren’t , given we already know there are aging spells.
Background Pony #B56F
Naw, I think hitting her with a friendship rainbow would do her a world of good at that point.
Background Pony #B56F
Luckily, Celestia’s new prized pupil will figure out how to use the elements of harmony, just in time.