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safe1949790 artist:secretgoombaman123451405 applejack186562 human198741 abstract background20365 applebucking thighs2335 applejack's hat11614 bandana6208 belt7559 belt buckle391 boots27835 chubby15233 clothes551224 cowboy boots2094 cowboy hat21490 female1582771 freckles35823 hand on hip10567 hat106809 human coloration6043 humanized109111 jeans5288 looking down11664 looking sideways1338 pants18473 plaid shirt302 ponytail22269 shirt31821 shoes48453 smiling324582 solo1248958 strong fat123 thighs21541 thunder thighs12125 wide hips23856


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Background Pony #4263
I always figured Applejack would be bulky, though it’d be due to more muscle than fat, and yet she’d still have some curvy hips and a bit of a belly. =P