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She knows who Big Macintosh dreams of, and who dreams of Big Macintosh :D

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Background Pony #0ACD
Can the tantabus swallow ponies into her pussy like a spider harvesting its prey and turn Twilight and friends into what she is like the tantabus bends down and she squirts some of her body on the ground and they turn into what holding big mac in the image and drag more mares to the tantabus pussy?
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Element Of Luck
Jeez, I take a break from Derpibooru for only one week and get 11 notifications from mostly Badum.
Not that I’m complaining, mind you… 😉
Background Pony #4CF5
I can see the tantabus swallow all of the mares into her body through her pussy by driping parts of her body on the ground and they become slime monster of her body and drag the mares into her pussy and transform them into more slime monsters and the tantabus has an army to invade reilty.
Background Pony #4CF5
I can see the tantabus swallow all of the mares into her body and drip them out of her pussy and drag more mares into her body through her pussy.
Background Pony #E838
Mac’s dreaming of his harem, and if I understand the description his harem’s dreaming of him. =)