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Double charge “Personal picture”
Come on shy , push more , you should lose all this … height , they are a bit handicapping
Extra stuff , just because i wanted make !
questionable112572 artist:hooves-art1368 fluttershy231664 anthro300447 3d95345 4k2568 alternate hairstyle32109 areola22822 areola slip2347 big breasts99800 blender9274 breasts324530 busty fluttershy19955 clothes533878 exercise ball194 female1538004 high res78935 huge breasts46241 patreon13775 paywall content150 ponytail21585 solo1212020 solo female199665 sports4603 sports bra4130 sweat31530 underboob4420 undernipple155 wardrobe malfunction5690 weight lifting613 weights859


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So I think I’m gonna write a few short stories that have been inspired by this image. It’s too fun not to. Gonna start with Fluttershy, then do Pinkie Pie, then Applejack, then Rarity, and then I’ll finish stuff off with Rainbow Dash and Twilight in a confrontation chapter against this angry gypsy character (Probably gonna name her Luludja Flankswell or something equally silly/suggestive). Not sure if you’re alright with it/interested, Hooves, but if you make a before image to this one (for the sake of PG image acceptance on fimfic) I’ll use your art as cover art. I included what I have so far below.
Fluttershy sighed in regret as she recalled her embarrassment from earlier that day. She really wished that old gypsy mare had been more understanding of her animals. It wasn’t their fault that they used her yard as a bathroom. They were animals! Perhaps it had been her fault for being so quiet and timid, though, as she wasn’t even sure the mare had even heard her apologies over all the screaming she had been doing.
“And the gypsy really hadn’t needed to call me a ‘mongo-titted menace’ or a ‘stuttering coward’.” With a frown, Fluttershy peered down at her double d-cup chest. Sure, it was big, especially for a pegasus, but there were plenty of mares with bigger breasts than hers. “There’s Pinkie Pie… Celestia… uhm… Berry Punch is almost as big, no that doesn’t count.” She wracked her brain for other examples of bigger mares that she knew, but the only ones she could think of were, annoyingly, porn star ponies that she just happened to know about and were in no way from certain videos that she herself had watched on hoofhub.
“You say something, deary?”
Fluttershy jumped and looked at the elderly receptionist mare at the front desk to Ponyville’s only gym. She had forced herself to go, despite her mood, and the fact she hated the gym in general. The mares and stallions of Ponyville were all fantastic, but to Fluttershy, and her embarrassment over her large, overly attractive body, even being in public, let along getting sweaty and working out in front of ponies, was not her idea of fun.
“Oh, uhm, no, ma’am, I mean yes! Yes, but I was just talking to myself…” Fluttershy blushed.
The receptionist gave Shy a warm smile as she showed her membership card and buzzed her in.
Entering the locker room, Fluttershy sighed again, hoisting her gym bag.
Either way, despite the lingering regret that would likely haunt her delicate sensibilities for weeks, Fluttershy vowed to still get on with her day. For starters, she forced herself to go to the gym, because quite frankly her hips and caboose were gaining way too much volume from Pinkie Pie’s constant parties, and unlike Rarity, she just couldn’t say no to those Pinkie Pie puppy dog eyes…
Fluttershy dressed languidly, trying to pump herself up a little in order to get in the right mood for a decent workout. She wasn’t very athletic, she never had been, but since making her friends all those years ago in Ponyville she’d gotten better about it.
Her workout attire was very modest. Long sweats and a thick sports bra. Upon pulling the sweats out of her bag, however, she sighed yet again. “Oh come on, guys.” She stared in disbelief at the forest of holes that had been chewed throughout her clothing, probably by her field mouse friends again. “They do this every single year before winter…”
She was about to put a stop to her gym trip right there, but underneath the old sweats she spied her birthday gift from Rainbow Dash: a blue spandex workout set comprising of a top and bottom.
Fluttershy blushed at looking at them, imagining wearing those out on the gym floor. As she did, a tingle entered her chest, though it was ignored, or rather, overshadowed due to the heat that entered her cheeks from embarrassment.
Fluttershy started to zip up her gym bag, but stopped. “N-No! I need to workout, and besides, everypony here is very professional and nice.” Fluttershy glanced at the clock. It was still noon, meaning barely anypony would be here, either still at work or having lunch. Resolved, she quickly got dressed. “Oof, I really do need to workout, this top feels a little tight.” She adjusted her breasts in her sports bra and top until they were somewhat comfortable, then slipped on her sneakers to finally go workout.
“Oh dear.” Shy stopped to look at herself in mirror on her way out. Her breasts really did look big in Rainbow’s gift, and her cheeks heated again as a result.
The tingle from before returned, and slowly, almost imperceptibly, her chest grew once again. Not much or very fast, but magic was certainly at work as her top stretched tighter over her.
Fluttershy, however, was much too distracted by her appearance to notice the slow creeping of her chest in an outwardly and upwardly direction, and instead shook herself and began to walk hurriedly to the gym floor. Her breasts, as soon as her embarrassment lessened, also ceased their strange growth.
I didn’t get to the part seen in the image yet but I’ll get there.

Getting in those overhead presses? I feel ya. It doesn’t take much weight for those to start absolutely burning up your shoulders.