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safe1878403 artist:bobthedalek977 sunny starscout8342 oc786547 earth pony321004 pony1224243 g523678 my little pony: a new generation12720 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5748 bag6332 earth pony oc15635 female1516201 hat100739 helmet12440 mare566082 reference4394 reference in comments1 roller skates1110 rollerblades111 scene interpretation9469 skitching1 tram101 trolley43 unamused18812


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Background Pony #42A1
why is everyone always so pepega when this happens
It’s not the same, no need to comment on the image
What does pepega even mean?
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@Sky Blazer
Not really in homage too it, just a case of a sudden realisation after I’d inked the dialog, as much fun as it would give me to have Sunny saying “I ain’t got no change!” XD
@Background Pony #D7DB
Gets more impressive when you find out that Michael Crawford performed all his own stunts himself, and that this is very restrained in terms of how far some of his stunts went. I recall there’s one where he clings to the side of a moving train, and another where he ends up locked in a wardrobe that pushed down a flight of stairs before flipping over the railings, falling a few feet, then breaking open with him inside, all done in one take!
For bonus points, Crawford was also the original Phantom of the Opera in the musical version. Yes, that is him on the original album!