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Loveable Lap Bat
Well shid. I go awol from the fandom for a bit and this comic carries on. Nice! Good storytelling friend, keep it up!

Sadly, I don’t think his dad is going to lose any sleep about losing his son. Judging by Able narration his dad already had a low opinion on him and the “crossdressing” was just the last straw.
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Man, if I didn’t know the one in the photo was his mom or that he came to pick it up, I’d be fooled to think that’s him, he looks just like her, and it ain’t any wonder he looks and sounds as cute as he does :D
Couldn’t agree more. Been a while since “That’s what you get” or “You reap what you sow” was this perfect a thing to say.
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Congratulations to the dick of a father. You went ultra religious because you lost your wife, and now you drive away your son. People like that deserve to live the rest of their lives miserable and alone.