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safe1902284 artist:chub-wub623 big macintosh30592 discord33937 gabby2780 peewee301 princess ember7584 smolder9410 spike85287 thorax4904 changedling9808 changeling55633 draconequus15794 dragon67063 earth pony331502 griffon31176 phoenix1910 pony1249680 absurd resolution70060 crossed arms6434 dragon wings899 eyebrows13160 eyebrows visible through hair6906 eyes closed113446 female1539186 flexing1463 grin49191 group4808 hand on chest511 hand on hip9923 holding a dragon54 king thorax3370 male436063 open mouth184181 open smile12043 pedestal155 simple background473628 smiling310167 spike day37 spread wings69281 stallion139035 unshorn fetlocks33357 white background121309 winged spike9123 wings159152


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Background Pony #09FC
That is why Spike shouldn’t be hated, even if he can be off sometimes.
@H.L. Xkcess
Twilight of course, don’t worry, these here are Spike’s platonic friends, and any of the Mane 6 should be proud instead of jealous of it.
Twilight’s boyfriend, the purple dragon boi, sure is something…

Let’s face it. Spike probably did more for establishing friendship and peace between different species and Equestria than any of the main 6 did.
He established peace with both the Dragons and the Changelings. Both of whom wanted to destroy Equestria. Helped strengthen ties with the Crystal Empire. And as far as we know is the first to engage in cross-species romance.
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Noodles > Everything
Spike, the dealer of dragons and ponies, the savior of Crystal Empire, the guide of the changelings, the friend of the lord of chaos, the 7th element of harmony. Is there something this little dragon can’t do right?