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safe1917758 artist:amymebberson409 hitch trailblazer6100 izzy moonbow10808 pipp petals8813 sunny starscout10106 zipp storm6789 alicorn264167 earth pony338141 pegasus382115 pony1265438 unicorn419552 g529575 idw17304 my little pony: a new generation13217 official10905 spoiler:comic11749 spoiler:g5comic214 spoiler:g5comic0136 2d329 alicornified6393 artificial horn283 artificial wings2242 augmented3304 aurora borealis548 best friends738 bff59 blushing230824 cheek squish1152 cheek to cheek242 closed eye67 comic120867 comic cover772 comics274 continuity108 female1553410 glowing10444 glowing horn24206 glowing wings176 grass12027 group hug1057 happy36787 high res80983 hitch trailblazer gets all the mares56 horn108504 hug32532 long hair5334 looking at each other26152 looking at someone5550 magic83645 magic horn286 magic wings1017 male441318 mane five (g5)1958 mare587450 multicolored hair8365 personal space invasion1042 phone9231 race swap17183 selfie4042 sky17943 spread wings70690 squishy cheeks2816 stallion140985 sunnycorn582 sweat32054 together107 together forever193 touching hooves50 wings162805


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Background Pony #336E
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Background Pony #0720
HEADS-UP PEEPS!! So we got THREE series comin’.
1 - 3D TV series (Netflix)
2 - 2D TV series (Netflix + YouTube)
3 - Comic series (this post is the cover of the first book)
In the words of Pinkie: “Omigosh, hold on to your hooves, I am just about to be BRILLIANT!”
Background Pony #5142
Good to see Amy along his ride. Definitely one of the best artists from the G4 comics era.
Artist -

I guess this means they won’t return to Canterlot in the series. There would just be like vauge call backs like the station under Zephyr Heights.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Grumpy and antisocial
@Rozy Fly
If there’s going to be a Mane 6 in G5, a brand new unicorn character would be the sixth member. The group has two earth ponies, two pegasi and one unicorn, there needs to be a balance.