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Copic markers, light photoshop of >>152191

FYI: Made some adjustments and overwritten old version.

Copic Marker process:


Shade, midtones, and highlights.

Couch and accent background, toned up bag o' loot.

Rarity and Spike @ MY Little Pony and Hasbro
Nami and Sanji @ One Piece and Eichiiro Oda


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If you're going for the shiny skin approach then you either need to have the transition be a little bit smoother or she needs to be Luffy in Gear Second. =P

That said I like most everything here, I know it's one of your older works so I won't harp too much on the anatomy, except that Rarity's head is a bit squished and Nami's seems a bit small in comparison to Sanji's.
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Later: Nami was a little disappointed with Rarity when she had the chance to control the weather but kept messing up. They still made amends that they do not have everything in common…