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safe1975054 artist:shad0w-galaxy611 rainbow dash259780 pegasus408331 pony1327393 :35853 :o5281 blue background7758 blushing239324 bust67312 cute236869 dashabetes10997 dashstorm98 doodle4033 expressions1148 female1606550 floppy ears64664 happy38467 looking at you217834 looking down11943 looking up20730 mare620015 multicolored hair8964 nose in the air1810 one ear down986 open mouth198409 portrait37350 rainbow hair3905 sad28530 simple background503477 sketch73026 sketch dump3446 smiling332294 solo1271180


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Background Pony #3C32
dash looking up could be a good forum weapon like “wtf is that crap”