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November ‎8, ‎2020-‎October ‎18, ‎2021.
Art originally posted through my Patreon. For $1 patrons get to view personal art one month early, and exclusive WIPs and sketches, and for $3 they gain access to the PSD file.
suggestive173394 artist:king-kakapo1291 twilight sparkle333375 human204399 bookshelf4780 breasts344302 business suit417 busty twilight sparkle14566 clipboard1554 clothes560748 female1606678 flashing1615 high heels14593 humanized110365 looking at you217856 panties57730 pantyhose3880 photocopier43 plant2936 sexy38124 shoes49756 skirt48143 skirt suit165 smiling332326 smiling at you14300 solo1271278 solo female208010 spread legs25100 spreading25456 stupid sexy twilight1323 suit7636 underwear70981 vest4753 watch1666


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Soft Lover
She’s working so hard to make everyone proud, i am proud of her… and also other thing; damn Twilight i told you i can’t take my eyes off you if you’re dressed like that