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I stitched together the four zoomed-in shots from the instagram post into one larger image. Not perfect but higher resolution than the main post.
I’m still tagging this post-upload.
safe1945450 artist:celia kaspar36 boulder media157 alien1538 butterfly8328 fish3195 goldfish104 g536455 my little pony: a new generation13560 3d glasses269 8 ball37 alarm clock477 alcohol8672 archery409 arrow2552 balloon11629 banana2338 bandage6658 basketball616 bathtub2091 beach chair1122 bed49202 beer1974 black background7421 blushing234654 book38753 boulder media logo109 bounce house1 bouquet1146 bow36737 bow (weapon)1574 bowling ball316 bowling pin124 broom2216 burger2257 cake11386 campfire1313 candy8342 candy cane2777 cap5717 chair9926 checkered flag107 checklist307 chef's hat821 cherry1213 christmas16679 christmas ornament296 christmas tree4929 clapperboard18 clipboard1511 clock2246 clothes hanger112 cloud37234 clover557 coffee bean5 coin815 computer7159 concept art1873 controller2755 cookie4361 couch10415 cup7622 cupid's arrow2 cutie mark52114 cutie mark only1738 decoration738 dice554 dna43 dollar sign84 domino12 donut2471 drinking straw1127 dumbbell (object)250 easter egg1362 facial hair7921 fireworks2291 fishbowl95 flower32019 food85844 football1802 fork1069 four leaf clover414 french fries658 frying pan346 gears222 globe379 graduation cap334 grapes543 guitar5784 hair bow20738 halloween11363 hamburger715 hammer1986 hasbro2533 hasbro logo591 hat106285 heart59717 holiday27057 hot air balloon1102 hot dog493 hourglass416 house plant41 ice cream5759 ice cream cone805 jack-o-lantern3135 jester hat145 jewelry88496 key810 keyboard1389 kite904 laptop computer2798 laurel wreath321 letter3441 life preserver44 lightbulb430 lipstick13799 lock638 logo4987 lollipop2871 magic wand783 magnet193 magnifying glass402 makeup30009 map1624 martini340 meat2321 medal659 megaphone408 meme88390 money1599 monocle1093 moon27656 mountain6398 moustache3377 muffin6967 musical instrument13474 necktie8911 netflix669 netflix logo348 no pony12891 padlock752 paper airplane108 paperclip30 pasta538 peace sign3902 pencil4276 pepper shaker33 perfume207 phone9695 pie3757 pie chart65 pizza2358 planet1396 pocket watch416 polaroid220 popcorn1758 present7210 pumpkin5908 puzzle264 question mark5616 rain6982 raincloud216 record772 red cross105 remote control224 ring5030 rocket955 rose4625 rubber duck639 rubik's cube258 ruler387 salt shaker72 santa hat7026 saturn83 sausage549 saxophone272 seashell673 selfie stick113 sign4680 simple background490218 skateboard829 snowman702 soap812 spaghetti856 speech bubble30992 spoon1637 sports4805 stamp553 stonks45 strawberry1276 suitcase468 sun7993 sunflower637 sunglasses18136 syringe999 target172 teabag90 teacup3432 teapot1205 television2987 tent1164 test tube322 tooth266 top hat4960 traffic cone116 trash can1002 tree40141 trophy849 ufo183 umbrella3183 wall of tags5250 watering can545 wave608 weights938 wheel567 wi-fi39 wizard hat1073 wrench889 yarn480 yin-yang374


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