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safe1881193 artist:plunger365 oc787996 oc only583761 oc:anon12523 oc:filly anon3104 earth pony322207 human181766 pony1227345 :<1231 bad pony135 caught3746 cheeto dust21 cheetos106 choking972 cute223078 dirty1982 earth pony oc15762 female1518920 filly78336 foal22629 food81200 food on face55 grabbing878 hand10022 human oc714 imminent punishment32 looking at you199655 lying down27241 male428555 mare567616 offscreen character40316 offscreen human321 on back27744 ponified animal photo738 question mark5289 sad27154 simple background464520 this will end in grounding67 this will not end well1971 worried4513


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i would take away her alowence i dont think thats how you spell it someone correct me please and dont buy any sugary stuff for a month
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