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safe1880480 artist:rileyav728 twilight sparkle322176 equestria girls224071 abstract background19061 adorasexy10947 alternate hairstyle31564 breasts319319 busty twilight sparkle13660 choker15582 cleavage38731 clothes525843 commission87168 cute222975 dress50645 eye clipping through hair9202 eyebrows12247 eyebrows visible through hair6433 featured image996 female1518036 happy35666 looking at you199500 maid6601 maidlight sparkle54 open mouth179375 open smile10381 ponytail21198 sexy34766 smiling302991 smiling at you10487 solo1196590 stockings38708 thigh highs43980 twiabetes13193


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I haven’t been on Derpibooru for a while and the first featured Twilight image I see is this adorasexy maid masterpiece.
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Pomegranates :P
We’re seeing EqG stuff featured?!
I thought mods were reluctant.
Guess there’s a change in policy.
Honestly though, this one reminds me of Artoria Pendragon (Lily) from Fate/Grand Order. The pose, her face, and hair.
Then again Twilight is kinda the Saber of MLP FiM.
She’s got her Princess form (Saber)
Older alicorn Twi (Lancer)
and even Midnight Sparkle (Alter)