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safe1879159 artist:captainpudgemuffin671 rainbow dash251182 human181610 pegasus364495 pony1225046 angry30647 blushing224226 captainpudgemuffin is trying to murder us58 carrying2502 cute222818 dashabetes10450 disembodied hand3210 duo93295 eye clipping through hair9184 eyebrows12206 eyebrows visible through hair6414 female1516901 folded wings10168 grumpy2830 hand10013 handles130 harness2400 high res76253 holding a pony3519 madorable855 mare566564 no mouth575 offscreen character40279 rainbow dash is not amused769 simple background463380 smol868 solo focus19791 tack5628 tail51512 unamused18823 white background117771 wings153069


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Friends, neighbors, ladies, gentlemen,
If you’re kinda lonely,
I’ll help you make amends,
Stick your pony in the slot,
And let it change your luck,
Few things in life are guaranteed,
But I promise this wont suck
Punch your fists into the air,
And raise a brony yell!
There’s lotsa ponies out there
And they will do you well.
With Pack-A-Pone I have a hunch,
Your problems will be gone,
But if you end up on the ground,
Sing a pony sing-along.
Pack-A-Pone (everybody!),
Pack-A-Pone (yee-haw!),
Pack-A-Pone (everybody!),
Pack-A-Pone (yee-haw!),
Pack-A-Pone (WOOOOWOO!)