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Yes, it’s another alicorn ponification deal with it 😎. This one isn’t ordinary to me though. 🙂
Comconex is the ponification of real-life Manteca’s Comconex Road, and the patron alicorn of the creator’s beloved Cornerstone, parallel in her Equestrian universe to the Equestriterian. The most special ponification besides my favorite artist to me; because this church means a lot to me. 🥰
Yeah I went a little more personal with this representative pone but you know. 😇 Comconex was created in September 2018, but this is my first upload of him here as I wasn’t on Derpibooru back then. 😊
He is best friends with the Irish patron pony Riverdance. 🌿
Comconex wears a fiery leaf cutie mark as a portrait of his passion in representing both Cornerstone and Yosemite, the two beautiful places connected by his name road. 🙏💟
Seems like he’d be more a Christmas pony though, huh? All those colors look very… Christmasy. 😁🧐
Remind me never to vector his mane and tail again…way too hard trying to taper all those thin and thick outlines! 😖
Vectored from this sketch I made:
safe1878678 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan440 derpibooru exclusive31960 oc786713 oc:comconex1 alicorn256652 pony1224531 .svg available9162 :d1442 alicorn oc30742 cute222781 cute face180 cute smile72 folded wings10141 galloping401 gradient hooves761 green eyes6039 heart55712 heart hoof660 horn101193 location pony1 looking up19101 male427918 nexabetes1 ocbetes6849 open mouth179032 open smile10241 ponified44553 ruffled wing9 running6671 simple background463125 smiling302378 stallion oc102 svg4113 tail51428 transparent background232778 two toned mane3428 two toned tail1551 vector81729 wings152935


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