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Finished vehicle pinup art commission for ArDee, thank you very much!
If you want to see more art like this, why not consider getting a commission of your own, or supporting me on Patreon? It gives me an incentive to continue, as these car drawings require a significant time investment, more so than my other stuff.
questionable115724 alternate version74153 artist:clear vision125 oc874102 oc:gulfstream26 original species33302 shark3204 shark pony3019 anthro328088 unguligrade anthro60366 ass73557 bent over5136 breast squish2390 breasts356311 butt199884 butt freckles2823 car7645 female1657858 ford429 ford gt30 ford gt407 freckles38288 large butt28024 le mans16 looking at you229044 looking back77481 looking back at you24945 nudity468340 pinup3789 presenting30901 race track225 racecar321 shark pony oc97 solo1319446 solo female215656 the ass was fat19435 vehicle1209


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Vapor Trail is best pony
While that is true, and it certainly would’ve looked cool as well…the Ford GT40 Mk.II is my favorite vehicle, which is why I chose it. :)
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Here’s someone clever… But, you could’ve also used a Porsche 917 for that manner, given that Gulf also raced with them on Le Mans…
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