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Dark is not evil.
“Personally, my headcanon is that bat ponies (or thestrals, take your pick) is a real type of pony”
I mean we did see batponies before Flutterbat and that spawned an entire subspecies in the fandom, of course they are a real type of pony.
Background Pony #CC8E
Yet somehow giving Fluttershy vampire fruit bat instincts turns her into something that looks exactly like them.
Personally, my headcanon is that bat ponies (or thestrals, take your pick) is a real type of pony, and Fluttershy has just enough of bat pony DNA to turn into one with magical help, but Luna doesn’t really want to make more of them. So a few of her guard are real bat ponies, most are costumes.
of course wearing fake wings should make you unable to fly but let’s not get into that

I hope they bring back batponies in G5. We see later with guard outfits the wings for Luna’s guards are just a decorative aesthetic look she gives them so they look different then Celestia’s but it would be cool if they were real.
Cute art to.
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