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You arrive home from work just to fin out that your bed has been taken by a horse princess.
safe1859633 artist:wirlog24 princess celestia100593 alicorn253158 pony1203812 absurd resolution69193 bed46225 butt134245 cute220047 cutelestia3819 dock56765 eyes closed108888 female1499392 lying down26036 majestic as fuck1360 mare556030 on side7422 pillow20644 plot95026 sillestia313 silly7855 silly pony3132 simple background454555 sleeping25239 solo1181199 sunbutt4541 tail48600 tongue out118177 white background114948


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Background Pony #5E42
there are a lot of spiky things for her to impale herrself on if she rolls over on that bed.