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safe1860380 artist:alexdti439 oc776817 oc only576224 oc:brainstorm (alexdti)164 oc:dark purple23 oc:purple creativity332 oc:star logic198 pegasus355806 pony1204609 unicorn393425 comic:quest for friendship231 blue eyes7154 comic117601 dialogue73602 ears back1473 eyes closed108975 frown25959 green eyes5879 high res74241 hoof on chest940 hooves20893 horn98156 hug31413 lidded eyes35220 male422459 offscreen character39641 open mouth175817 open smile9177 pegasus oc19650 raised hoof54347 raised leg9045 shadow5387 smiling296727 speech bubble27689 spread wings65313 stallion132428 standing16110 tail48732 trio13212 two toned mane3305 two toned tail1474 unicorn oc17226 wings148595 yelling3493


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