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Summer is still going strong and these ladies plan to enjoy every second of it!
Would you like to join them?
I worked on this piece for way longer than I should’ve lol and I’m still unsatisfied with a lot of aspects about it. This just means I need more study and practice, a lot more. But I do really like the end result
safe1879107 artist:nire201 adagio dazzle14205 aria blaze10670 rainbow dash251180 sci-twi27629 sonata dusk14613 sunset shimmer69409 twilight sparkle322088 equestria girls223906 alcohol8270 beach17791 beach ball1696 belly button89746 bikini21018 bow34276 bra18087 bracelet11596 breasts319064 busty sunset shimmer6388 cleavage38699 clothes525419 cocktail399 crepuscular rays3518 drink5604 geode of empathy3517 glasses72460 hat100804 jewelry81635 looking at you199269 magical geodes10803 nail polish9172 one eye closed37048 open mouth179103 sarong1237 selfie3722 shirt29699 shorts16119 smiling302544 smiling at you10434 spiked wristband1537 sunglasses17074 swimsuit32735 tan lines771 tan skin78 tanned258 the dazzlings4804 underwear67251 wink28113 winking at you1818 wristband4200


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Sunset looks awesome here… The current temperature where I am is 16°F/-9°C, so I definitely needed this. :)

There are several of my favorite and most revered equestria girls here, I would most certainly, like, to join them. 🖐️⛱️
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
I’m not usually one for trips to the beach, but ALL these girls look really stunning! :D
I’d love to see a better view of the other girls who are in the background here, actually. Their outfits all look really cute imho. :)