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#mlp #mlpfim #art #draw
safe1859903 artist:fanzeem65 twilight sparkle319768 alicorn253229 pony1204108 unicorn393184 bag6141 big crown thingy2593 book36855 candle5446 confetti2169 cute220081 element of magic2695 eyes closed108901 female1499640 frown25941 glasses71457 glowing8409 glowing horn22902 grin47025 high res74208 hoof hold9658 horn98071 jewelry79917 levitation13397 looking at you195889 magic80688 mare556181 messy mane8469 mouth hold19641 open mouth175645 paper3600 pencil4050 pencil in mouth43 regalia25443 saddle bag6469 shrunken pupils4156 smile and wave102 smiling296545 smoke2868 solo1181487 spread wings65148 telekinesis31342 throne3475 twiabetes13048 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132312 underhoof57809 unicorn twilight22183 unshorn fetlocks31839 waving3383 wide eyes18082 wings148296


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