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Sirens to a Good Home
They’ve been out there now for 3 days

safe2119742 artist:tjpones3878 adagio dazzle15677 aria blaze11885 sonata dusk16075 siren2517 equestria girls249435 g41934282 bronybait3339 clothes612295 female1746022 frown34206 hand on hip12669 homeless288 looking at you246617 rain7665 sign5110 the dazzlings5640 torn clothes6642 trio24049 wet11135


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I’d take them in, give them a nice place to stay though it’d take a while as I’d have to make sure they’d have new clothes to wear as well as sleeping bags and pillows along with other things they’d need; Sonata could crash in my bed if she wanted to.
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I would take them in but I can give them only the bare necessities since I only have about 200 bucks a month to spare after rent bills and food for myself.
They would also have to sleep in the living room but they would have internet access and a Xbox to play/watch things and most importantly a safe place to sleep.
If they got a job they of course wouldn’t have to pay me but I also wouldn’t continue to provide them with money if they are making their own.
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I Open at the Close
I was thinking about finding some fresh talent to put together a band, but I dunno… Any of you a good singer?