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I would take a bullet for her.
safe1860871 artist:aragón29 princess celestia100660 twilight sparkle319885 alicorn253439 earth pony312932 pegasus355998 pony1205145 unicorn393631 comic117620 cookie4101 cute220211 daaaaaaaaaaaw5248 female1500577 filly76719 filly twilight sparkle2900 foal20838 food79803 high res74360 levitation13404 magic80735 male422643 mare556760 missing cutie mark5208 momlestia1042 mouth hold19657 royal guard8741 simple background455225 stallion132538 surprised10398 telekinesis31365 twiabetes13053 younger18776


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Background Pony #3DEF
The fifth panel is actually Twilight stealing the second cookie for herself.