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safe1863910 artist:scribble-potato39 hitch trailblazer4467 izzy moonbow8327 pipp petals6321 sunny starscout7618 zipp storm4719 earth pony314320 pegasus357311 pony1208365 unicorn394976 g521435 my little pony: a new generation12501 3 panel comic217 alternate ending575 caffeine102 comic117811 derp7335 female1503273 male423580 mane five (g5)1509 mare558396 stallion132993 this will end in jail time421


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Fun fact: In some places, the only official with the power to arrest the sheriff is the coroner. Just an oddity in the law.
Background Pony #6E3B
3 counts of assisting arrest, several traffic violations
Y’all do realize that your Friends with a literal Sheriff
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sunny: you do realize your all stuck in here with me now right? I am supposed to be under quarantine
Izzy: we know and we all agreed to come anyway, besides we will be fine on entertainment I got a switch I’ll let you all play on. I got it from this guy I pushed into oncoming traffic, no one could prove I did it I got off scot-free!
Sunny: wow, that is unexpectantly violent and completely unnecessary I already have a Switch
Pipp: yeah so do I
Izzy: I know, but now we have three Switches! :D