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When your luck’s so bad you accidentally sit on a human’s face :P
explicit393577 artist:badumsquish2184 derpibooru exclusive31971 trouble shoes1280 human181815 pony1228164 action lines23 analingus2827 bad luck11 blushing224707 butt143597 clothes526423 duo94132 embarrassed12805 faceful of ass1697 facesitting3767 gay31231 hat100991 high res76677 human male7203 interspecies25682 looking back68220 male428773 maledom6400 malesub6818 motion lines695 open mouth179645 oral54480 outdoors14381 pinned613 plot100289 pony on human action984 rodeo109 sex139033 shocked8213 shocked expression1350 show accurate21661 show accurate porn8427 shrunken pupils4351 sitting73130 size difference16804 squishy butt75 stallion135427 stallion on human male67 submissive20271 surprised10528 tail51995 tree38086 whoops117


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Nah, he’ll be fine. The soft dirt cushioned the fall :D
Really, Trouble Shoes couldn’t have landed on the face of a better person. He’s going to get some lovin’ rather than a lawsuit out of this XD
@Miss Shy
It’s too bad his hands are pinned, otherwise he could give him a nice handie :D
@Clever Clovers
He’s basically into everything :P
Neither is GMHAA :P
@Background Pony #4E59
And when asked if he’s going to get off that poor human he landed on: “…In a minute” :P
Biggest problem is the poor guy is face-down :P
@Dirty Bit
This is like his “successful rodeo clown” luck though, where his bad luck was actually good XD
@Paper View of Butts
Too bad Trouble Shoes isn’t in our world instead: he’d have a line-up of horny women, and some men, wanting to make him feel good :D
It’s pretty much what they’re doing XD
Clever Clovers
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Element Of Luck
I never thought to ask this, but now I’m curious.
Does GHMAA prefer sex with the guys, the gals, or does he just love both?
(Also, GHMAA doesn’t seem to be struggling, I think he might actually be enjoying this…)
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Ponut Partisan
HOLY FUCK badum I’ve thought of this scenario several times and I am SO GLAD an artist as great as you is the first one to visualize it, very VERY nice work!