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safe1949029 artist:aleximusprime1739 applejack186525 cozy glow8685 discord34525 fluttershy236077 princess celestia104266 princess flurry heart8509 princess luna108412 rainbow dash257410 star swirl the bearded2200 zecora10351 oc824999 oc:king kriegspiel10 oc:queen kriegspiel10 alicorn270297 pegasus396436 pony1299098 unicorn435479 dream of alicornication38 flurry heart's story326 a worse ending for discord17 age regression1609 alicorn amulet2080 alicorn oc32339 alicornified6539 alternate timeline3375 alternate universe11461 bad end2561 big no233 bow36863 cewestia1884 cloud37294 colt17667 colt discord3 cozy glow is best facemaker586 cozycorn812 crossed arms6717 crying49866 dark clouds159 female1582202 filly83166 flying46580 foal27892 hair bow20818 high res84358 horn113066 horrified746 karma277 male451592 mare605727 older33543 older applejack913 older flurry heart2186 older fluttershy898 older rainbow dash1063 pedestal161 petrification1102 pony discord218 ponyville6814 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency513 pure unfiltered evil1875 race swap17735 safeguard bracelet13 smug7650 spread wings73406 statue2773 wall of tags5284 wings169741 woona5448 younger20017


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