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safe1995342 artist:tsitra3601381 button mash4561 gabby2919 oc849286 oc:pan sizzle59 dragon73872 earth pony372174 griffon33311 pony1348043 buckball398 claw machine87 food89388 frustrated711 funny background event106 licking24785 licking lips5162 meat2406 pepperoni502 pepperoni pizza485 pizza2462 television3074 tongue out130836


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Background Pony #337B
>Off the screen to the left someone is eating a whole pony roast. xP
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I love this conversation. If you like my 2 cents, the pepperonis is vegetarian based seasoned to taste like meat. So its loved by any species. ‘Unless you order the real meat menu’.
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Background Pony #337B
Salami… made out of horse/pony meat… 🍖
Did anyone seen the Cutie Mark Crusaders recently?? 😨
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