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reserved for 2023 community collab

safe2119386 artist:valkiria311 derpibooru exclusive38831 oc917613 oc only667197 oc:comment145 oc:downvote550 oc:favourite145 oc:hide image38 oc:upvote204 alicorn303008 earth pony423896 pegasus472335 pony1548036 unicorn513076 2023 community collab774 derpibooru7940 derpibooru community collaboration5605 :p13759 ^^2956 alicorn oc35565 blushing261864 chest fluff61866 clothes612159 cute257432 derpibooru ponified906 ear fluff47542 eyebrows21716 eyebrows visible through hair10198 eyes closed133815 female1742087 glasses85193 grin60104 horn173175 lying down41894 mare704085 meta18396 ocbetes8675 pegasus oc32931 ponified49430 simple background569726 smiling377448 socks91348 striped socks27348 tail89454 tongue out141569 transparent background274925 two toned mane5210 two toned tail2467 unicorn oc28448 wings208677


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ah well generally the event doesn’t allow more then one pic of the same oc X)
i thnk it might be best to remove the event tags from this so they are not duplicated (again no offensse, the pic is nice just that we already have an ebntry pic for these ocs and i don’t want you to be getting into trouble or anything)