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safe1860888 artist:tjpones3465 apple bloom53912 button mash4293 scootaloo53695 sweetie belle51512 human180268 apple bloom's bow2048 bow33530 clothes518574 covering mouth361 creeper627 cutie mark crusaders20101 dark skin6792 dialogue73626 dollar237 eyes closed109038 female1500590 freckles33188 hair bow18430 hat99405 humanized105688 imminent vomiting54 kissy face562 lidded eyes35225 male422644 minecraft2765 money1485 overalls1945 propeller hat703 puffy cheeks4244 shipping218209 straight150023 sweetiemash652 tongue out118307


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Background Pony #F3E6
Normally the girls would call boys gross, but this is Equestria, even in human version, the situation is reversed.
Background Pony #20E5
i dont get it, who gave AB money, what were they expecting? how is Button involved in this?

I’d like to see how this artist draws the Pip:
Don’t get much Human Pipsqueak or even Equestria Girls Pipsqueak on here in general…

Girls are gross.
They want to kiss boys.
Kissing boys is gross.
I wouldn’t want to do that.
I want to kiss girls.
But girls are gross.
…..wait, what? o_O