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If you put Cosh in your pants, she becomes a strap-on that you can make feel good :D
explicit392819 artist:badumsquish2181 derpibooru exclusive31958 oc786561 oc only582672 oc:cosh3 oc:generic messy hair anime anon363 breezie2355 human181538 pony1224277 ball fondling1173 balls88568 bed46850 big balls12280 big dom small sub690 big penis13889 breezie oc69 breezie on human action2 cum88324 cumming25984 erection19050 futa51716 futa on male2798 futa pony on human male140 futasub398 grope15571 handjob4931 high res76217 horsecock80241 human male7226 human on breezie action7 human on pony action11269 hyper12603 hyper balls1822 hyper penis2769 impossibly large balls7443 impossibly large penis15838 intersex49652 interspecies25667 male427845 medial ring8006 moaning7409 nudity423458 open mouth178985 penis175269 pony on human action979 show accurate21540 spread legs22675 spreading22799 submissive20243


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Hooves to Hearts! /<3)
I think the other guy’s asking where his dick goes inside her, since her breezie body is thinner than it and isn’t visibly stretched out.
One of the more interesting possibilities is that his dick goes into the base of hers…
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Many residents of Equestria have woken up in utter confusion to find that thing in their mouth XD
@Clever Clovers
When you’re in a relationship with an exceptionally hung tiny dickgirl you gotta return the favor :D
She’s a screamer :P
Just remember to do safe words. There’s actually not a whole lot she can do once you grab onto that big honker XD
@Background Pony #C75F
Indeed, because it’s so huge. She’s feeling that sensation over the largest majority of her body XD
@The Luna Fan
@Spiritus Arcane
They’re magic so they follow their rules. Somehow her body is simultaneously as light as a regular breezie while her cock has all the full heft of the real thing XD
That’s the neat part, it doesn’t go anywhere. Even flaccid she has massive balls hanging down XD
She’d be fun in a threesome since one could wear her like a strap-on to use on the other XD