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EDIT: (There isn’t a Tumblr, so ask down below :) )
Oh yeah, it’s happening! Ask the Mane 11 is here! I’m going to address the elephant in the room; “no color?” I mean, you can color it if you want, it’s just to save expensives and to help more comics come out quicker. Trust me, I know you’re about to open the flood gates… I hope, lol
safe1878332 artist:sjart117165 derpibooru exclusive31959 applejack182109 fluttershy229362 hitch trailblazer4945 izzy moonbow9069 pinkie pie231138 pipp petals7010 princess celestia101419 princess luna105648 rainbow dash251102 rarity196192 sunny starscout8341 twilight sparkle321995 zipp storm5359 alicorn256576 earth pony320973 pegasus364107 pony1224142 unicorn401401 ask the mane 1125 friendship is magic3253 g43826 g523673 my little pony: a new generation12720 ask25332 choose your adventure1 comic118537 comment below2 confusion224 crossover66734 dazed149 inked88 interactive69 mane five (g5)1613 mane six34178 permission given46 ponyville6522 royal guard8813 s1 luna7786 surprised10501 time travel410 unicorn twilight22845


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