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suggestive167572 artist:jailriot29 twilight sparkle327002 alicorn264619 pony1267909 belly34115 belly on floor423 big belly15189 bingo wings3142 book38166 burger2215 butt163423 chubby cheeks4647 clothes540563 dialogue77071 double chin2270 ear fluff39603 fat25254 fat fetish2274 fat wings166 female1555595 fetish47315 food83896 glowing10536 glowing horn24257 hay burger709 high res81121 horn108822 huge belly5937 huge butt12542 impossibly large belly12655 impossibly large butt8478 large butt23715 looking at you207536 magic83779 morbidly obese9101 near immobile403 neck roll1406 obese13297 open mouth187788 panties56154 plot106627 rolls of fat2232 socks78735 solo1226497 solo female201700 talking to viewer3954 telekinesis32814 that pony sure does love burgers240 twilard sparkle1540 twilight burgkle574 twilight has a big ass615 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135783 underwear68845 walking5949 wings163281


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Artist -

>implying I didn’t make this from the afterlife
Thank you kindly though! Life has a way of getting in the way of art, and even I usually don’t have a clue when I’ll have a chance and be in the mood to finish art. As always though, I hope it’s not several months until the next finished pic.