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safe1974229 artist:aleximusprime1797 cozy glow8790 alicorn274975 pony1326668 alicorn amulet2094 alicornified6640 cozybetes1378 cozycorn817 crown25054 cute236761 female1605946 filly85068 foal29937 freckles36594 front view1327 full body6365 horn117714 jewelry91554 open mouth198309 open smile16662 pure unfiltered evil1887 race swap18094 regalia29934 shadow6025 simple background503109 sitting78846 smiling332018 solo1270506 spread wings75656 tail66790 transparent background248541 two toned mane4067 two toned tail1843 wings175724


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Awww, how can I say ‘no’ to a face like that? Okay Cozy, you can borrow the Alicorn Amulet- be sure to bring it back when you’re done.
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