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This is by far not an original concept, I’m sure it’s been done A LOT… But uh, from what I’ve seen there’s rarely an anthro version that wasn’t incredibly horny. So. Hippity hoppity I guess.
I made a few creative changes to make the design mesh a little better together, like giving unicorns two horns instead of one (they look rather awkward with just one). Making the eyes smaller and giving them a distinct area to place their cutie mark. Their cutie mark in question is still located in the thigh-area, but most of the time it’s hidden (obviously).
Those are the physical changes but I also changed how unicorns operated in general. Their horns still glow when they’re using magic, but so do their hands. Basically they’re all telekinetic. When they shoot beams of magic they range from making cute little finger guns to kamehameha-ing lolol. Back to their cutie-marks, since they’re magical, the mark magically appears on either the pants or top.
When it comes to Twilight specifically, it was hard to give her princess attire that still reflected her personality. I don’t care what you say, she is NOT the kind of girl who wears a dress. Equestria Girls can go suck it. I’m also a big fan of medieval corsets so it kinda just came naturally to me. I know you can’t tell with just her but she is slightly taller than the average female pony, as reflected in the show.
Her appearance makes her age hard to determine but this is my version of her so you get a non-canon-canon age. about 25, I’d say. Her position would be around five years after the sisters retired. I know, I know I’m still making her too young but, It makes her accomplishments stand out a lot more!
Anyways this won’t be the only anthro I’ll be making. In fact, Spike is right around the corner–
You won’t be seeing them make any distinguishable poses or anything. These are practice refs for something in the future perhaps.
Jul 2, 2020
safe1973205 artist:fotia-kouneli13 twilight sparkle333121 alicorn274752 bicorn274 anthro316146 unguligrade anthro58458 clothes559951 corset5181 cutie mark on clothes4982 female1605009 gloves25390 horn117522 multiple horns562 pants19025 shirt32523 simple background502540 solo1269602 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138637 white background130528


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