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safe1859758 artist:uotapo1017 hitch trailblazer4283 izzy moonbow8102 pipp petals6044 sunny starscout7385 earth pony312379 pegasus355439 pony1203947 unicorn393127 g520772 my little pony: a new generation12408 bracelet11451 chest fluff47509 comic117557 dreamworks face1225 eye reflection818 eyes closed108895 female1499535 jewelry79899 male422233 mare556110 open mouth175616 phone8313 reflection3683 selfie3651 speech bubble27663 stallion132344 stupid sexy hitch trailblazer75 sweat30393 sweatdrop3952


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Smiling Panzerfuchs 2.0
Hitch is literally the best one in this. Just the way he photographs himself in the background in the first panel seems strangely familiar with myself. ;-)
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Background Pony #CBC0
Oh you don’t fool anyone Pipp, you love Hitche’s wrokouts just as much as any other mare, pluss some Stallions too.
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@Background Pony #06D6
Maybe hoofmade? Hornmade or magicmade is also an option. Though Izzy is proficient with hoofcrafting, and she might want to teach non-unicorns how to craft as well, so I guess a hoof-crafting channel makes sense.
Eee…? I said Zipp stays connected by zippin’ (i.e. traveling to meet ponies in person), i.e. not using social media. So what’s your point?
Background Pony #06D6
Er, “Handmade”? IMHO, something like “Homemade” would sound better

Let’s see, Izzy channeling the spirit of rarity (complete with cutie Mark)
Hitch being a much better-looking bulk biceps
And apparently the Loch Ness monster has taken up residence in Sunny’s eye