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Nothing brings a family together like making your boyfriend feel awkward.
Twilight - 694 lbs
Cadance - 432 lbs
Shining - 205 lbs
Timber - 192 lbs
Twilight Velvet - 160 lbs
Night Light - 155 lbs
suggestive167572 artist:neongothic316 dean cadance1375 night light2684 princess cadance36030 sci-twi28168 shining armor25421 timber spruce2054 twilight sparkle327002 twilight velvet4935 equestria girls228329 bbw4902 belly34115 bhm1747 big belly15189 bingo wings3142 breasts329636 busty princess cadance3750 busty sci-twi1072 chocolate3836 chubby cheeks4647 clothes540562 couch10204 dean decadence11 double chin2270 equestria girls-ified11612 fat25254 fat boobs1002 fat fetish2274 female1555595 fetish47315 food83896 hot chocolate1414 huge belly5937 impossibly large belly12655 large butt23715 male442168 morbidly obese9101 obese13297 princess decadence222 sci-twilard130 shipping224824 smiling315736 ssbbw1973 straight155208 sweater16698 thighs20460 thunder thighs11485 timbertwi452 twilard sparkle1540 weight gain5014


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The Island of Sodor
Obviously it is hard to tell from just an image, but I am glad Shining, Velvet, and Night Light seem accepting kf the weights Cadence and Twilight have